The following are actual unedited statements or reviews people have made regarding Eric’s magic performances and magic classes taught at the Boston Center for Adult Education.  All testimonials (via comment cards, newspaper reviews, online surveys and written course evaluations) are being used with permission.

“Prepare to be stupefied…”  -The Boston Herald-

“This is the raw magic…the classic close-up stuff that impresses not by glitz but by the sheer “wha?” factor.” -The Boston Metro-

“Thanks so much for helping to make our Halloween Party such a huge success…”  -Mass General Hospital for Children-

“Eric’s magic is grade A, top notch, high quality entertainment.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course.  I actually learned several tricks.  For a beginner like me, that is true magic.”

“I enjoyed the whole course-I wish there was more.”

“He fooled me, it hurts my head to be fooled that bad.”

“Eric is a joy to learn from!  He’s enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and fun (not to mention really patient with beginners.)”

“Sneaky little devil.” -Four year old child-

“I loved the course.  I can’t think of anything to improve.  I just wish the course lasted longer.”

“I have never laughed so hard!”

“The Backstage Magic show was great.  Being up close while the magic is being done I thought I’d be able to figure out how he did it, boy was I wrong.”

“Funny guy and a fun show to watch.”

“The most fun I have had in a long time.”

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