The Close-Up Performance

Perfect for venues where Eric will perform small intimate miracles with cards, coins, and borrowed items only inches away from you. Some perfect venues include wine and cocktail receptions at your home, anniversary and birthday parties, walk around magic at restaurants, and other private events. Availability for performances is limited so please inquire and reserve your date and time early. Contact us for pricing.

Backstage Magic Show

Have you ever wanted to witness amazing feats of close up and parlor magic only a few feet away? Eric Gagne’s “Backstage Magic” gives you the opportunity to do just that. Imagine entering a small dimly lit performance room, where you then take your seat.   You are not going to be watching a magic show from the thirty eighth row of a large Vegas style showroom, rather you will be viewing all of the magic while seated up close to the magic only a few feet away in a very intimate and unique setting.

Each show being limited to only 55 guests, you are not just watching a demonstration of modern day close up magic, you actually become apart of the show. The performance lasts 65 minutes with no intermission. Witness as Eric performs amazing card effects, makes borrowed items do impossible things, and reads your mind in ways you cannot believe. Please note while the show is family friendly, it is primarily designed as an evening for adults. Children 16 years old and younger will not be permitted. Tickets are general admission. Ticket quantities are extremely limited.  Tickets must be purchased online and will not be sold at the door.

Backstage Magic is “truly a unique and interactive magic experience.”


Backstage Magic was performed recently on Saturday March 26th December 18th October 23rd and  July 24th 2010 at 7:15PM at the Stuart Street Playhouse in Boston, MA.

Backstage Magic was performed for a sold out crowd on April 10th, 2010 at the Stuart Street Playhouse in Boston, MA.

Backstage Magic was performed at the Next Door Theater in Winchester, MA on November 21st, 2009.  You can view the press information on the show here.   Please see our calendar of events for upcoming performances of “Backstage Magic.”

***Theater directors are also welcomed to contact us to inquire on bringing “Backstage Magic” to your local theater.***